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Stephen Unwin
The Lodge
Topcroft House
Stoke by Nayland
Suffolk/North Essex, CO6 4RR
United Kingdom
  +44 7775 537322
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Percentage Growth in Client Sales and Profit After Coaching with Stephen Unwin





What Stephen’s Clients are saying….


Jon & Dulcie Crickmore – Owner of Fen Farm Dairy & 2016 Business Excellence Award Winners for Entrepreneur of the Year & Finalist for Best Overall Company, Most Innovative Company and Young Entrepreneur of the Year!


‘Our first year of working with our ActionCOACH, Stephen Unwin, has brought about huge changes in the way we think, not only about our business but about our own goals, futures and lives. Stephen’s coaching and encouragement has really helped us begin to build strong foundations for our business and given us the skills and courage to grow and move forward. This time last year, we were feeling swamped with work, desperate and out of control. Now we find we are able to step back, see the bigger picture and plan effectively. I feel that in addition to all of the practical skills we have learned in our coaching sessions, Stephen’s biggest gift to us has been confidence. We are no longer intimidated by the growth of our business, because we have the skills to be in control of it. We are proud and excited to have been awarded Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 at the Business Excellence Forums and we are  immensely looking forward to working further  with Stephen as we continue to build our company”. Jon Crickmore 

Photograph from left Stephen Unwin, Dulcie Crickmore & Jonathan Crickmore






Lucinda & Crispin Clay – Owner/ Directors of Munchy Seeds & 2015 Business Excellence Award Winners for Best Marketing Campaign


“Since joining Stephen Unwin at ActionCOACH in 2013, we have seen a terrific overall improvement in our business,” says Lucinda “Being a husband and wife team in business can bring its own set of challenges. The single greatest thing Stephen did for us, was to help us identify our own job roles & responsibilities within Munchy Seeds. I now hugely respect what Crispin does, and don’t mind the constant late nights as much, as I can see this improving by what he is achieving, plus best of all he’s not interfering with me in my marketing roll! We are both proud to be awarded the 2015 Best Marketing Campaign by the Business Excellence Awards and we look forwards to working with Stephen for years to come, he really does bring out the best in us, our team and ultimately our Munchy Seeds snacks”.

Photograph from Left; Stephen Unwin, Lucinda Clay, Crispin Clay & Brad Sugars




Stuart Burns – Director of Dura Composites & 2015 Business Excellence Awards Winner for Most Innovative Company

Since joining Stephen Unwin at ActionCOACH in January 2014, I’ve seen a tremendous improvement in our ability to bring great innovation to the market place,” Stuart said. “Before Stephen, we didn’t have sufficient clarity of purpose and although we had lots of ideas, we didn’t have a structure and process that allowed appropriate filtering and approval points. He’s been instrumental in guiding the Director team to focus on the most important tasks at hand for the company to achieve our new vision and also our personal goals. I’m over the moon to be awarded Most Innovative Company 2015 by the Business Excellence Awards and I look forward to introducing increasing levels of product and process innovation as our work with Stephen progresses”

Photograph from Left; Stephen Unwin, Stuart Burns, & Brad Sugars








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